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Laughing Gas and Your Kids’ Dentist Appointment

laughing gas and kids dentist apointments

Laughing gas is one technique pediatric dentists use to keep children calm during treatment. In this article we will explain when it should be used, side effects and post procedure expectations.

Calming techniques before using Laughing Gas

As pediatric dentists we focus on making our young patient as comfortable as possible.  We have many strategies such as playing movies on our ceiling mounted TVs, our soft approach to speaking to children, and even our Tell-Show-Do Technique where we demonstrate what a child will experience on our hands (or theirs!) before we start.  

Why Laughing Gas

There many sedation methods available. Laughing is widely used by pediatric dentists to calm children and reduce without giving local anesthesia (“the numbing of the tooth”).  If your child has a high gag reflex it can also help to dampen that reflex.

Are there any side effects? How long does it last after the procedure?

Laughing gas is delivered to your child in a mix with oxygen and it only affects the child during the procedure, normal effects of this include the feeling of floating and the tingling sensation in the hands or feet.   During the procedure our team might dial up or dial down the amount delivered depending on your child’s cooperation. 

After the Treatment

Once treatment is completed for the day and before we dismiss your child from the visit, our team will have them breathe 100% oxygen for 4-5 minutes to dilute and blow off any remaining laughing gas.  After that, your child will be able to go about their normal day (Yes, they can go back to school that day!)

With all of the benefits of laughing gas, we often use this to supplement our dental care in our young or nervous children.  If your current office doesn’t provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas for dental treatment, please give Junior Smiles Children’s Dentistry® a call for a consultation appointment at 303-455-3313.

Written by: Dr. Dylan Bordonaro, DMD

As a dentist at Junior Smiles Children’s Dentistry®, Dr. Dylan enjoys developing friendly and long-lasting relationships with his patients and with their parents.

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